The Taskforce on Women and NCDs: A group of leading organizations working together on a life-course approach to women’s health through advocacy and technical guidance.


Strategic Role

The Taskforce on Women and Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) brings together fourteen global health organizations from the women’s health and NCD communities to respond to the unique and growing burden of NCDs on women in low- and middle-income countries by mobilizing leadership, expanding technical expertise and disseminating evidence to inform policymaking, planning and services.


The goals of the Taskforce on Women and NCDs are two-fold: to develop and disseminate information and evidence-based guidance, and to mobilize national policymakers, public health leaders and civil society.

Why now?

Emergent health challenges are transforming the landscape of women’s health needs in most low- and middle-income countries. Demographic and lifestyle changes as well as globalization and urbanization are leading to a rapid increase in NCDs – including cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and chronic respiratory disease.

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'Understanding the Nexus between Food & Water Security'

Join us to discuss the importance of water security to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities in 🇦🇺 & other communities globally & its links to #Wellbeing & #planetaryhealth

📆 21 Feb


It’s simple—cancer research and prevention save lives.

Federal funding for these programs has played a role in every major advance against this disease for the last half century. Continued investment in @NIH, @theNCI, @CDCgov and @ARPA_H is essential.
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Congress, join @POTUS' commitment to keep the momentum with the progress we’ve made.

In a climate of strained budgets & hard choices, saving lives should be non-negotiable. #SOTU #CancerMoonshot

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